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Bringing the World of Tea to your Restaurant

As guests’ tastes evolve, so do their expectations for tea selections. With over 60 tasters and 70 sourcing specialists, Unilever is the world's largest provider of quality teas—dedicated to delivering the best tea experience possible.

About TAZO

Tazo® Adds Unexpected Twists to Traditional Teas

You can please a variety of tastes with the artful, imaginative blends of extraordinary tea leaves, botanicals, and spices. The deliciously unique flavors from Tazo® are a favorite among Millennials.*

*Highest Millennial Buyer Index in Premium Hot Tea, IRI 2017

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Pure Leaf tea

Pure Leaf™: An Exceptional Tea Experience Starts with the Leaf

Made with the finest ingredients and authentic processes, Pure Leaf™ lives up to carefully crafted menus. It’s made from high-quality, single-origin tea leaves that are gently rolled and blended with real fruit and flower pieces to deliver guests a premium taste and experience.

Long Leaf and Single Origin

Long leaf means carefully selecting the top two leaves and the bud of the tea plant, which are the highest in flavour quality. Single origin means leaves are chosen from the finest tea estates in the world. Like terroirs for wine, every estate offers specific flavour characteristics for each tea.

Left Alone or Expertly Blended

To craft exceptional flavours, tea master blenders complement tea leaves from the right origin with carefully selected fruits and herbs. Sometimes tea is left alone to let its natural essence shine through.

The Story of Sustainability

Pure Leaf™ believes the most delicious tea is real tea, done right and sustainably sourced. They work with the Rainforest Alliance, an international nonprofit, to source teas from estates that promote sustainable practices. The Rainforest Alliance partners with forward-thinking farmers to conserve natural resources and ensure the long-term economic health of crops and communities.

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Lipton®: There’s a Tea for Every Time and Place

With the wide variety of flavours available, it’s easy to find something for every type of mood. Unique packaging guides guests to order the tea they want, and the highly recognizable Lipton® brand shows patrons a commitment to quality.

Lipton®: A History of Amazing Tea

Lipton® has always led the way for tea. From Sir Thomas Lipton’s innovative Lipton® tea estate, to his exciting marketing promotions, Lipton® stays one step ahead of the curve. Every drop of Lipton® tea comes from the best leaves on sustainable plantations. No matter what guests are after, their perfect Lipton® moment is waiting.

Today, Lipton® touches many parts of the world. Their tea is grown in estates in Kenya, Argentina and Sri Lanka, and they own tea estates in Kenya and Tanzania.

A Future Committed to Sustainability

Lipton® is working to ensure a better future for the environment, for workers and for their communities. They’ve been partnered with the Rainforest Alliance for over a decade.

  • They try to keep pesticides to a minimum on their tea farms to ensure natural crop management.
  • Reforestation efforts are improving biodiversity and replenishing tree varieties.
  • Ongoing training programs help maximize worker safety.

Plus Lipton® is packaged in a zero-landfill facility. The Lipton® Tea manufacturing plant in Suffolk, Virginia, is able to conserve tons of plastic, uses less oil, gas and electricity, and vastly reduces water usage.

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    About The Tea Company by UFS

    The Tea Company is the world’s largest tea organization, supported by 60 tasters and 70 sourcing specialists around the globe. Their mission is to help you bring the best possible tea experience to guests—simply and without hassle. The Tea Company is part of Unilever Food Solutions. 

    About Unilever Food Solutions

    UFS has been in food since the 1880s and is home to some of the world’s favourite brands: Knorr®, Hellmann’s®, Lipton® and more. They work closely with businesses of all sizes, from independent restaurants and hotels, to chains and contract caterers. UFS understands the critical balance between impressing guests and making a profit. For more information visit

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