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How do I place an order?

Purchasing is easy, and no account set up is required. Simply start shopping and add desired products to your cart. Checkout by clicking the shopping cart icon on the top right of your page. Finally, input your information and confirm the order.

Do I need to setup an account to order?

No, most customers do not need an account to order products, because you can order as a guest. Simply add your favorite items to your cart and proceed to checkout where you can input your information and credit card information to place an order. However, if your company participates in an authorized special discount program then yes, you do need to Create Account on the webshop prior to ordering.

What credit cards do you accept?

This webshop accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

How does the charge appear on my card statement?

Webshop charges appear on card statements as "FOOD SERVICE DIRECT".

Can I set up net terms?

No. We do not offer net terms payment options, only credit card payment at this time.

Can I set up an account or save my information for future orders?


To Create an Account: Click "Create Account" on the top right of your screen or on the bottom footer. Then input your information.

To save your information: during checkout, on the bottom left of the information page, simply check the box that says: “Save this information for next time”. 

How do I log in to my account or reset my password?

To login, click on the icon that resembles a person, located between the cart and search icons on the top right corner of the site. Then, input your email and password. If you forget your password, you can request to reset your password.

How do I know my order was processed? Is there a payment receipt?

Upon completing your payment, an Order Confirmation email will be sent from The Tea Company at UFS ( to the email address that was entered during checkout. Please add in your email address list and be sure to check your spam email folder. This Order Confirmation also serves as a customer's payment receipt and includes detailed information.

What is the delivery timeframe?

You should receive your order within 5 to 10 days after placement of order, depending on the day and time of your order, and your geographic location. Delivery time to the West Coast is the longest.

Will you tell me when my order has shipped and provide tracking information?

Yes. Upon shipment of your order, you will receive a Shipping Notification email from The Tea Company by UFS. In the email, click on the button, “View your order and shipping status”, to access your tracking number & information. Please note that one order may have multiple tracking numbers. Please add the email to your approved email senders or check your spam folder.

Can I check the order shipment status and tracking number by myself on the site?

Yes. At any time after placing your order, you can check your order shipment status and tracking number. Find your Order Acknowledgment or Shipping Notification emails, and within the body of the email, click the blue button, “View your order and shipping status”. You will be sent to your order page on the website where you can see your tracking information.

If you have trouble finding those emails, please add email to your approved sender list and or check your spam folder.

In cases where there is no tracking number listed yet, your order has not yet shipped. Please check back again.

What are your shipping fees?

Please read more about our shipping fees here.

Where do you ship?

At this time, we only ship the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia. We are unable to service P.O. Boxes, international addresses of any kind including APO/FPO and addresses serviced by the US State Department. All orders must be shipped to a physical address.

Do you ship to Canada?

For Canadian orders, please visit our Canadian webshop at

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns for our tea products. Under certain circumstances, merchandise returns may be accepted. Please read our full return policy here for more details.

Who do I contact with a customer service question?

Email your question to or fill in our contact us form HERE here. Please provide as much information and details as possible.

What are your cookies, legal and privacy policies?

Please see our cookies, legal and privacy policies.

 What are the ingredients and nutritional information of your teas?

The ingredients of each tea blend are listed on the individual product pages. All teas are 0 calories.  Please contact us for nutritional information for specific brands and/or varieties.

Are your teas certified Kosher?

Yes, all Pure Leaf, Lipton and Tazo teas are Kosher as they are manufactured at a Kosher certified plant.

Are your teas gluten free?

Our premium unflavored teas – black and green – are composed entirely of teas leaves. We craft our quality unflavored teas as well as our delicately crafted flavored teas at dedicated manufacturing sites that only produce Unilever branded teas.  Currently, we have decided not to make gluten-free claims on our teas.  However, the company will disclose any gluten ingredients on the label.  If gluten is present, it is clearly listed in plain language on the ingredient label (i.e. wheat flour, rye, barley, oats, and malt).

Are your teas dairy free?

Yes, all Pure Leaf, Lipton, and Tazo teas are dairy free.

Are your teas certified organic?

Today, none of our teas are certified organic. However, we source all our teas from Rainforest Alliance certified farms which use sustainable farming methods that protect the health of farmers, their land, and the environment.  You can read more about Rainforest Alliance HERE.

Are there any common allergens in your teas?

Some of our Lipton teas contain soy. Those that do are labeled as such on the individual product pages.  Our Pure Leaf & Red Rose teas do not contain any common allergens.

Are your teas recyclable and/or compostable?

Pure Leaf: Cartons – recyclable, tea grounds - compostable
Lipton: Cartons – recyclable, tea bags - compostable
Red Rose: Cartons – recyclable, paper envelopes – recyclable, tea bags – compostable

What are the caffeine levels of your teas?

Aside from our herbal caffeine-free selections, NO tea is caffeine free. Even decaffeinated teas retain a very small amount of caffeine after the decaffeination process (usually 2 – 5 mg per cup).  Caffeine occurs naturally in the leaves of the tea plant.  If you want to avoid caffeine completely, herbal teas are a good choice. They are not made from tea leaves, so they do not contain caffeine. Please contact us for information on specific brands and/or varieties.

What is the decaffeination process for your teas?

All herbal teas are naturally free of caffeine. Lipton Black and Green teas are decaffeinated using a natural process that retains most of the flavonoids and all the pure, clean, classic tea flavor. Our process leaves about 4 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce serving of tea.

How much tea is in each bag?

Each tea bag brews 1 cup (250 ml) of tea. Please contact us for more information on a specific brand and/or variety.

How should your teas be brewed?

Black Teas – Infuse one bag of tea in 250ml of freshly boiled water for 3 minutes.

Green Teas – Infuse one bag of tea in 250ml of freshly boiled water for 2-3 minutes.

Herbal Teas - Infuse one bag of tea in 250ml of freshly boiled water for 4-6 minutes.

How should your teas be stored?

Our teas should be stored in a cool (0-29 degrees C), dry place away from sunlight.

What is the shelf life of your teas?

All our teas have a shelf life of 540 days. The expiry dates are listed on the carton in the following formats:

Where do your teas come from?

Pure Leaf: All our Pure Leaf teas are single sourced teas, with the exception of English Breakfast which is, by definition, a blend.  Like wine, each tea’s origin is linked to its distinct taste as the tea takes on unique flavor based on the climate and soil.  We can trace the origin of our teas to estates in:

Kenya: Black Tea with Vanilla, Black Tea with Berries
Sri Lanka: Earl Grey
Indonesia: Gunpowder Green
China: Green Tea with Jasmine

Sri Lanka & Kenya: English Breakfast

Lipton: Lipton has their own tea estates in India, Kenya, and Tanzania. They conduct extensive research programs at their estates to improve growing and harvesting practices so you enjoy a dependably delicious cup.  They also source teas from as many as 35 countries to ensure a consistent taste and an uninterrupted supply.  These teas have to be the best of the best to satisfy the tea experts.

Are your teas Fair Trade Certified?

While we respect Fair Trade and their mission, we believe there are many great organizations that support the environment and economic efforts around the world. We have chosen to partner with Rainforest Alliance.  100% of our Pure Leaf and Lipton teas are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms which are committed to water & wildlife conservation, soil management, and fair treatment & good conditions for workers.  You can read more about Rainforest Alliance HERE.  Please note that herbal teas do not actually contain tea and are therefore not Rainforest Alliance Certified.  In addition to Rainforest Alliance certification, Lipton teas are produced in a zero-landfill facility.

Can I try a sample of your teas?

Absolutely! Please contact us with your request and we will reach out to arrange for a sample.

What about taxes? What if I'm a tax-exempt business?

Good news, we do not charge tax on the teas sold on our website. Only the merchandise, such as branded tea racks and pots, are subject to tax. Although we cannot presently honor tax-exempt status for merchandise sales, you can still shop all our teas tax-free. Enjoy!

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