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Changing lives, together

People are looking for brands they can feel good about.

92% of global consumers would buy a product with social and/or environmental benefit if given the opportunity, and 67 percent have actually done so within the previous 12 months.*

In partnership with Mercy Corps, TAZO® is working to create lasting change in the communities where we source our teas, spices and botanicals.

Mercy Corps A global humanitarian organization that helps empower people, build better lives and transform communities for good. TAZO partners with Mercy Corps in the communities we source our teas, spices and botanicals from. For 10 years, we’ve helped improve the quality of life in 200+ tea and cardamom-producing communities…

Improving wellness, improving lives: Tazo and Mercy Corps improve community wellness through education initiatives and increased access to clean water and health services

Youth Empowerment: Through workshops, scholarships and apprentice programs, Tazo and Mercy Crops are providing young people with chances to learn, set goals and work toward realizing their dream. These opportunities for youth can lift up their entire community.

Creating new opportunities: Connecting people to the resources they need helps the community thrive. Through initiatives targeting farm productivity, resource management, business development and more, Tazo and Mercy Corp help people build more resilient livelihoods.

Many of Our Tea Offerings Are Rainforest Alliance Certified™

To achieve Rainforest Alliance certification, a wide range of criteria need to be met across environmental, economic, and social factors, including:

  • Water conservation
  • Wildlife protection
  • Soil management
  • Fair treatment and good conditions for workers

    Lipton® Teas Are Made in a Zero-Landfill Facility

    The Lipton® Tea manufacturing plant in Suffolk, Virginia, is able to conserve:

    • 16 tons of plastic, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 13.76 tons
    • 21,182 mature trees, the equivalent of 262 million sheets of newspaper
    • 576,898 gallons of oil, enough to heat and cool 2,856 homes for a year
    • 29,904 gallons of gasoline, enough to drive more than 837,000 miles in the average car
    • 8,722,000 gallons of water, enough to meet the daily fresh water needs of 116,293 Americans
    • 5,108,600 kilowatt hours of electricity, or a year’s supply of power for more than 425 average homes

    *Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study 2013

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